Sunday, January 26, 2014

AP Lit: The Boarding House & Hamlet

Today in class we will return to Hamlet.  Act III.

Then it is all about "The Boarding House," our third reading from Joyce's Dubliners. We will do an activity in which we draw out the characters from the short story and then prove our choices using textual evidence.

We'll follow this with some work on applying the drawing activity to more traditional analysis.


Blog: 3+ Posts
Req'd Post #1:
Using a tool such a or Pinterest or even just by finding images from various sources, design the wardrobe for one character from each of the following stories by Joyce. Include an explanation for each.  For an added challenge, try to find commonalities or visual connections between them.  Joyce created a collection of stories, try to think of the same as you complete this work.
"The Boarding House" 

Req'd Post #2:
Read and Annotate "How to Read Literature Like a Prof" Chap 22.  "He's Blind for a Reason You Know

Indie Book Projects:
Due Wednesday, Jan 29
Graded Class Discussion Wednesday

MUGS: Apostrophes #3
Quiz: Apostrophes 3
Due: Friday, Jan 31

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