Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Humanities: Extreme by Design Predictions & Metacognition

We started the day with roots knockout.  Big quiz on Roots 6 through 8 on Thursday.  Also, Roots products due that day as well.

We made some predictions about which Habits of Mind we expected to use today, based on knowing we'll be making predictions about a documentary, watching it, and then testing them.

Then we watched JUST the trailer for Extreme by Design.

We made predictions and think-pair-shared those predictions, highlighting key words in our partners' predictions.

Then we watched the first 17 minutes of the documentary.

After watching we looked at our predictions again and wrote two paragraphs using these stems:

Before we watched the documentary, I thought . . . .

Now that I have watched part of the documentary, I think . . . 


Blog: 3+ posts
Req'd: Post your thinking on Extreme by Design.  What do you think about the ideas being shared here? What do you think about this work?  What if Mt. Blue Campus students did this sort of work?

Roots: Quiz & Product 8
Due: Thursday

MUGS: Quiz
Due: Wednesday

Missing Work: Get It In!
Due: ASAP!

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