Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Humanities: Habits of Mind & Metacognition

Today we dove into "Thinking About Your Thinking: Metacognition," one of the most important habits of mind to be successful in school.

We'll started with a pre-assessment of Roots #8.  These scores will be recorded and when we take the quiz next Thursday, after we do all sorts of activities and thinking around these terms, the goal is that your scores improve.  And if you've already mastered them without that thinking & learning?  AWESOME. You need not stress about the quiz.

This was followed by a self-assessment of our Habits of Mind.  We did this by hand.  Hopefully lots of people took pics of their thinking and posted them to their blogs.

Mr. Dunbar introduced metacognition through the metacognition paint chip rubric.

My thinking is crystal clear; 
My thinking is a little hazy; 
My thinking is cloudy; 
My thinking is in a fog 

We used that thinking as we did a think aloud activity around Lucille Clifton's "miss rosie"

Notice the big Q's getting asked; all student markup except first stanza & "self mirror"


Blog: 3+ posts
Req'd Post: Create your own list of "What If's" for 2014.  Look at Mr Ryder's example in the right sidebar.  He's posted his huge list.
Due: Friday, Jan 11

Study: Roots 8 (& 6, 7)
Quiz: Thursday, Jan 16
Complete: Word Map or Product for Roots 8 

Submit: Missing closing arguments & story corps/photo essays;  self assessments
Put in Humanities IN folder on Google Drive

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