Thursday, January 16, 2014

PACE: Mr. Ryder Went Off the Road

Mr. Ryder went off the road.

He's fine.

That's why there's no blog post today.

Hopefully people were productive.


Blog: 3+ Posts
Req'd Blog: What's next?  Where should PACE go from here?  More self directed? More guidance?  Should we tackle essay writing -- it's necessary 2nd semester that we write two essays -- or should we dive into Macbeth & the TV/Movie pitching project which helps meet our reading and vocab standards?  What are your thoughts and more importantly WHY?

Where does PACE go from here?
Due: Friday, Jan 17

Complete: Poetry/Music Projects

Complete: Project Reflection Paragraphs
  1. Product (what did you make?)
  2. Process (how did you make it?)
  3. Outcome (how well did you achieve your goal? what would you change? what would you keep the same?)
Make Up Work: Blogs, Graphic Organizers, Thinking.  Due.  ASAP.
Quarter Ends: Next Friday, Jan 24.

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