Tuesday, March 18, 2014

AP Lit 2B/3B/3G: Tone, Diction, Frankenstein, and Art!

Today we started by revisiting one of our Frankenstein passages. 

With the passage on the board we worked towards identifying the tone by circling and discussing the diction we thought contributed to tone. Together we decided on some very fitting tone words and created a thesis as if we were going to write an essay on tone and diction in the passage. 

After that we decided it was much easier to work towards identifying tone in a passage on our own, and that's just what we did! 

But we didn't stop there. We took it to the next level and drew a picture to block out everything but the words we thought contributed to tone. We then wrote individual theses based on our passages and constructed essays around them. 

Though we're still exploring, we're getting a lot closer to really understanding the importance of understanding theme!

Just check out some of these awesome examples:

Blog: 3+ Posts
Req'd Post:  What are you passionate about?  Write as much, draw as much, audio record as much, video as much as you can and post your passions.  The subjects, the ideas, the interests that get you fired up -- that make you want to know as much as you can as fast as you can.
Due: Friday, Mar 21

Reading: Read up until the bottom of page 91 in Heart of Darkness
Due: Thursday, Mar 20 (2B, 3B) and Monday, Mar 24 (3G)

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