Wednesday, April 30, 2014

AP Lit: 2B/3B Multiple Choice Test Prep & More

Hope the break was a good one.  It was your last.  (Of your senior year.  In high school.)

Tuesday's class was built around multiple choice test prep.

We discussed the #ayuhaloha project.  Here's an update.

We also discussed the Pinterest board projects being due this Friday, May 2nd.


Blog: 3+ Posts
Req'd Post: #Remash of #ayuhaloha pieces.

Read: Watchmen Chapters 1 & 2 (Be Certain to Read Under the Hood)
Due: Thursday, May 1st

Complete: Pinterest Test Review Boards
Due: Friday, May 2nd

Create a set of Pinterest boards to aid in your review, and your peers' review, of three texts to have mentally ready for the open-ended essay at the test.

Your set of boards MUST include pins that will help you to remember:
Characters & Narrators
Structure & Point of View
Conflicts & Resolution
Imagery & Symbolism
Items, Objects of Significance
Settings of Significance
Overarching Themes
These categories are based on trends one can see in the open ended response prompts of the past. 

Now, how you organize your boards is up to your brain.  It may make sense to have one board for each title.  It may make sense to have one board for each category of analysis.  Set it up in a way that makes sense to your brain and has deliberate intentions.

#AyuhAloha & #Remash
INTENDED DUE DATE: Friday, May 2nd

Due Dates Are On THIS BLOG POST. If you have not read this, do so POST HASTE!

Test Prep
Test: Thursday, May 8th.
You have a folder of test prep materials shared with you on your Google Drive.  Help yourself to those resources.

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