Friday, April 4, 2014

AP Lit: Heart of Darkness 3x3s

This morning we took another close look at Heart of Darkness. We just did it a little differently today. Instead of sitting there analyzing passages, we got out the note cards and made ourselves some literary 3x3s. Then for homework we all took one line from either our 3x3 or a classmate's and turned it into a poem to put on our blog. 

While the reading for Heart of Darkness is done, we're still spending one more class with the text and attempting to combine it with the stories of Dr. Seuss!

Blog: 3+ Posts
Req'd Post:  Take one line from a 3x3 either you or a classmate wrote and turn it into a poem. **The poem does not have to be about Heart of Darkness**
Due: Friday, Apr 4

Just a reminder. This week's blog posts will go on 4th quarter. If you have blogs that you've posted late please email either Mr. Ryder or Miss Haskell to make sure they're graded before the quarter closes this friday!

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