Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Watchmen Installation: Empathy

We're now entering the empathy stage of our design thinking. Let's consider these questions as we start to explore the themes in Watchmen.

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Req'd Posts: 2 Req'd Posts This Week: Both on Watchmen
1. Empathy.  (Counts as a connection.)
Develop a short 3 to 4 question survey to conduct amongst the general population of Mt. Blue Campus in hopes of determining what sort of installation would achieve your intended goals.  Conduct the survey with at least three people - one of whom must be a stranger.
Use the empathy strategies suggested/developed by the class.

2. Discovery.  
What techniques and tools do Moore & Gibbons employ that we could mirror/borrow to create our installation.  For example, Moore & Gibbons leave tons of clues in the signs and environment around the action.  How might we use signage (whether existing or created) and language in the environment around  to convey meaning in the installation?
DUE: SUNDAY, May 11th.  


Craft & Share: #Ayuhaloha collaboration.
Due: Friday, May 2nd.  May not be able to meet this deadline if without response to your pieces.  Otherwise.  SHould be honoring this dead line as best as possible.

Pin: Review Pinterest Pin Boards
Due: Friday, May 2nd.  This is important as I want to be able to review them over the weekend and give you some feedback and thinking to take with you into the test.

TEST: Thursday, May 8th.
Test Prep: Materials in Google Drive.  I suggest looking them over and giving your brain time to process.

Get 'Er Done: Literary Analytical & Composition Process Project
Past Due

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