Friday, September 19, 2014

Brit Lit CPI: Reinventing Brit Lit

Today we explored a few ways we could transform Brit Lit CPI into the sort of course we look forward to taking.

Using Edutopia and MindShift, we investigated several progressive learning processes that put a new spin on what school can look like.

We used this chart to do it.

We investigated gamification, 20% time, genius hour, project based learning, design thinking and maker education.

We decided that adopting 20% Time would give us the best opportunity to explore passion projects while still having a structured chunk of time for Mr. Ryder to teach the skills and understandings necessary to create effective passion projects.

Next class, we will focus on determining our passion projects for 20% time.  There will be ways to go about doing this determinations.  Folks should be committed to a project by Sept 26th.  

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