Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Humanities: Introduction to Whole New Mind

This week we start our unit on left and right brain thinking and preparing ourselves to be successful in a changing economy and evolving job market.

This sounds fancy.  Let's try it again.

We are going to prepare you to do the sorts of thinking and showcase the sorts of skills that will give you the best chance of getting a meaningful, successful job in the future.

You've created resumes for yourself 10 years into the future.  This is good and important because thinking forward is what you are going to need to do A LOT during this unit.

If you haven't gotten those resumes in . . . do so.

Today we started our work with text feature analysis.

This is to help with understanding how a non-fiction text is organized and designed, so we can better find the information we want and understand what's happening in the text.

We started looking at Dan Pink's Whole New Mind and our text feature analysis matrix.

Here's a slideshare that can also help with this.

We also took a left and right brain quiz to get a sense of who are right brain dominant thinkers in the room, who are left brain dominant thinkers and who is experiencing a sense of being a whole brain thinker.

Wednesday, we continue this intro by digging into the text and watching this video about brain dominance.

After the video, we will read paragraphs from Whole New Mind and complete the Three 4 Thinking graphic organizer, a tool designed to better help us understand texts and keep track of our ideas.

Heads up Thursday.  Laptops.  Setting up inboxes.  Setting up blogs.  Setting up Remind.  Practicing Empathy.  Talking  First Big Project.


Complete: WNM Three 4 Thinking Graphic Organizer 1
Due: Thursday, Sept 18

Start Thinking: What Career Would I Like to Focus My Energies Toward
Due: Monday, Sept 22 - Commit


Special Agent Oso said...

This looks fun YAY :D

Alex Haggan said...

That does sound like fun to me. Wish I was there. :)