Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Humanities: Kahoot, Speak & Empathy Building


We started with Kahoot and Mr. Mason, guiding us through a review of Roots 1 - 3 before Thursday's quiz, as well as the Whole New Mind senses.

Then we turn to some serious content with . . .


We will do an activity to help us better understand Melinda, as well as Andy Evans, with regards to the development in last night's reading of Speak.   We'll put up some pictures today of our work.

Our goal?  To build our capacity for empathy with Melinda and better understand why she has been doing what she's been doing throughout Speak.  And also to better understand the mindset of someone like Andy Evans so that we can work to change it in the people around us.


Read: Speak.

Complete:  STEAL Characterization Graphic Organizer for Speak.
Note: No options on this one.
Due: Friday. Oct 31

Study: Roots Quiz 3 (Roots 1 to 3)
Complete: Roots Product 3
Due:  Thursday, Oct 30th.

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