Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Humanities: More Work w 3x3s, Speak & Freaks & Geeks

Today we'll start with making sure folks have turned in their WNM portfolios.

Then we'll do some work with the 3x3s we did over Speak and the first ranking period.  There will be some sorting, then some remixing, some mashing up, and some connections to Freaks & Geeks.

Then we'll watch some more Freaks & Geeks.

And finally, return to Speak to finish the day.


Read: Speak (End of 2nd Ranking Period)
Due: Tomorrow.

Complete: Speak Ranking Period 2 Graphic Organizer (Choose between Notice/Wish/Wonder and Three 4 Thinking.
Due: Tomorrow! Thursday, Oct 23rd

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