Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Humanities: Reset & Gear Up for New Unit

Today, we'll take a day to reset after a long weekend, get our mental workshops cleaned up, take care of those lingering projects, and get ready to start something powerful and new.


Thursday, you have Roots 2 Quiz and a Roots 2 Product due.  Use the following slideshow to help you prepare.  Also, check out the link to the Quizlets over in the right sidebar.



Tomorrow we start Speak and our first big design challenge: How might we improv the climate and culture of Mt. Blue Campus?

Blog: 3+ Posts
Req'd Post: Create a 3 song playlist/soundtrack for Mt. Blue Campus.  Imagine these three songs are played between every class; why have you chosen these three songs?  Justify your choices.
Due: Friday, Oct 17th

Roots: Roots 2
Study: Quiz Over Roots 1 & 2
Create: Roots Product (Uses at least 5 root based words effectively)
Due: Thursday, Oct 16th

Complete: Whole New Mind Portfolio
PAST DUE: Thursday, Oct 9th

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