Monday, October 20, 2014

Humanities: Speak & Characterization

We'll start today with an LNG.

LNG View
Rather than using the form, however, we're going to ask that you post your thinking on your blog.  A) This should help folks who keep losing their responses.  B) You are writing so much good stuff, we're actually finding it harder to read through Google Forms than we thought.

STEAL Characterization

We'll do a little activity to familiarize ourselves with characterization and the STEAL methods of characterization.  I made this doodle to help you out.

Effect on Others

From there, we'll watch the first ten minutes of the pilot episode of Freaks & Geeks so we can practice applying our new STEAL knowledge.  We'll use this graphic organizer, doodling, and our own brain pieces to make this happen.

We'll use the rest of time to read Speak and either complete the graphic organizer due today, or start working on your next.  Tomorrow we'll do an activity to help us make sure we know what's happening in Speak so far as well as the big ideas coming up.


Blog: Catch Up.  No New Posts Required.  Be Certain to Post Links in Blog Tracker.

Read: Speak 49-61

Complete: Graphic Organizer 2.
Focus: On characterization.  How might you work in STEAL through your responses?
Due: Thursday, October 23rd.

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