Friday, October 31, 2014

Humanities: Speak, Music, Manliness, Empathy & Discussion

Today, we grapple with the final pages of Speak.

And we are going to revisit some of the issues we brought up the other day, after learning of what Andy Evans did to Melinda.  Rather than just sit and talk, we are going to explore three different texts: a TED talk video and two songs.

Transcript here.

"Sic Transit Gloria" lyrics here.

"Face Down" lyrics here

Then we are going to use a discussion format called an Inside/Outside Circle.  There are lots of versions of this.  In ours it will work like this.

Half the class will sit in the middle and discuss the topic at hand, while the other half of the class sit around the outside with copies of the lyrics, the books, and the transcript of the TED talk in hand.

The outside circle listens and searches for evidence in the texts to back up what they are hearing in discussion.

When the circles switch, the outside circle must make connections to what the inside circle said and back it up with connections to the texts.

For Example: "I like what Randolph said about Melinda struggling with expressing herself.  It reminded me of "Sic Transit Gloria" where it says, "He's holding back from telling her exactly what it really feels like."

The cycle switches back and forth until each group has been in both locations multiple times.


Graded Class Discussion on Monday.  Inside/Outside Circle
Bring moments from Speak, the songs, the TED talk, that you want to discuss.
Questions you want answered.
Points you want to make.

Refresh.  Catch Up.
Gear Up for Q2.
Choose your focus for our design thinking project: fidget or signage.

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