Thursday, January 29, 2015

Humanities: Teen Culture, Teen Music (Days 1 & 2)

Welcome to insane weather event 2015 . . . 

On Monday -- remember Monday?  What a day  . . . .


On Monday, we started with an LNG from Mr. Brackett.  We spent time examining student samples and talking about what works and doesn't work in an LNG.  

Then you could choose any article from the Bangor Daily News that isn't about Snowmeggedon or sports to complete your LNG.

AYUHYALL: Teen Culture, Teen Music.

Our design challenge we are sharing with our friends in South Carolina:  HMW design lyrics that show others what it means to be a teenager today?

First Step: Analyzing Songs for Cultural Content

We took a look at "Summertime Blues" by Eddie Cochran and extracted the cultural components that surface in there as they relate to teenage culture.   We used a Notice/Wish/Wonder strategy to kick it off.

We uncovered economic systems in the paychecks, language in the slang, and girls and friendships in the social groups.  We also talked about how challenging it can be to label and categorize culture because some things seem to cross over several components.

This is the graphic organizer we used to keep track of this all.

Homework:  Select another song from the playlist OR a song of your choice by a young artist about teen culture and analyze it for cultural components.  Complete another copy of the graphic organizer.  Use the sample to help guide your thinking.


ROOTS 7.  We start there.  Grab 'em.  Quizlet.  Explore.  Dive in.  Get our heads in the game.

Second Step:  Analyzing Songs for Poetic/Lyrical Devices

In order to better create our own, we have to figure out how others crafted their music.  We'll look at the tools a lyricist can use to shape a story, thoughts and feelings.  

We'll look at "Summertime Blues" and "Leader of the Pack" to see how song writers of early rock and pop did it -- and see if the tools they used show anything about their culture as well.

Let's put our ideas here today.


Blogging: No blogs this week.  We start with Q3 Week 1 next week.

Teen Music/Teen Culture Analysis:  Complete an analysis of both the cultural components AND the poetic devices of another song from the playlist OR of your own choice so long as it is by a young artist and about TEEN culture.  Use the graphic organizer provided.

You Should Have a Collection of Three Graphic Organizers Completed.

1. "Summertime Blues"
2. "Leader of the Pack"
3.  Song of Your Choice
We will be assessing these for understanding of culture as ability to analyze lyrics

DUE: Monday, Feb 2nd

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