Thursday, February 12, 2015

Pop Culture: Work Session: Ads & Blogs & More

Today we are going to take care of a bunch of housekeeping needs:

How to turn in blog posts on the blog tracker.

Expectations for blogging and the blogging rubric.

How to submit work on Google Classroom.

Information on design kits & Remind.

And finally, I want us to talk about what unit we'd like to do next.  We're a small class so let's see if our interests intersect.

Then there will be time to work and design.  We aren't going to pile on any more work today than you already have.


Blog. 3+ Posts.

Req'd Post. Design a Grammy performance that people will talk about.

Who?  One band?  Artist?  Collaboration? Special guests?

What song is performed? Old? New? Medley?

Stage Design?  What does it look like?  What happens during the performance?

Finally.  Explain it.  Justify it. Why did you design it as you did.

And don't feel confined to words.  Draw. Sketch.

Due. Friday, Feb 13

Mini Design Challenge.  Design an Ad for Something You Love.

Mini Design Challenge: Advertise Something You Love
How Might We Design Advertisements About Things We Love so Others Will Find Interest in Them Too? Create a print, video or audio advertisement of something you love to encourage others to explore that something as well. We'll use a rapid fire DEEP design thinking process flashlab to get us there: discover, empathize, experiment, produce to get us there. Rubric coming soon.
Due. Friday, Feb 27

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