Monday, March 23, 2015

Pop Culture. How Might We Curate Our Content: Discover/Empathy Phase

Today we will continue our design challenge: How Might We Curate Our Content for Pop Culture?

Thursday was all about the Empathy phase, finding out what we liked and didn't like.  What inspired us and what bugged us about apps and organizational tools.

Today we go back to Discover phase and start playing around with the tools we brainstormed initially.

Those Post-Its are on the carts toward the back of the room.  We can use them to help guide the searching and discovery today.

In the Google Drive shared with you is a shared Google doc.  Go digging.  Play and explore. And then share your findings with the rest of the class on that Google doc.  Add more lines to explore more tools.

At the bottom, make recommendations for action.  Based on the above, what should we use?  What should we incorporate into our work?

Next class, we figure out how to make them all work together and move into experiment phase of our design challenge.


Blog: 3+ Posts.
Req'd Post:  Explore Brain Pickings, Studio 360,  Monkey SeeBoing Boing, and 99 Percent Invisible.  These are all dynamic places full of content related to pop culture and more -- often much much more.  You'll find videos, audio, articles, photos, all sorts of neat things.

Curate a collection of three items from across any combination of those sources.  Consider exploring an interest or passion of yours, or perhaps an angle we've been talking about in class (comedy, social media)  Provide a brief summary of the content of each and finally explain why you selected these three.  ALSO consider how you can use this work to set you up for your Social Media Product due next Thursday.

Blog. Due Friday.  March 27.

Comedy Culture Product.
Due.  Today.

Social Media Culture Product.
What Impact Does Social Media
Due.  Next Thursday, April 2.

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