Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Humanities: Baltimore & Fishbowl

Today some folks will present their Culture & Composition slide decks.

Then we'll do an activity and discussion around the slide show Mr. Brackett sends you regarding Baltimore and talk about what's happening there.  You'll write an explanation of the story the images tell and then there will be a discussion following.


BLOG. 3+ Posts
Req'd Post 1.  Students Making a Difference Playlist.
Create a playlist of three videos showing students making a difference in their local, national or global communities.  Post these videos on your blog and explain what the student did and why you chose to include it in your playlist.   Be intentional.

This playlist is only one of your posts for the week and will be our pre-work for our final project of the year.

Req'd Post 2.  Composition & Culture.  Create a slideshow or video of your presentation that can be shared with a wider audience.  Post it on your blog.  Include voice over or typed commentary and music -- the qualities that you know will appeal to your users based on our empathy conversations.

Due. Friday, May 1st.

Culture & Composition.  
Export your slideshows as QuickTime movies OR PDFs and put in your Humanities IN folders along with your rationales and self-assessment (Four Corners).
Due. ASAP.

ROOTS 12. Quiz.
Due.  Thursday, May 7

WRITE. Baltimore story.
Based on slideshow
Due. Today, April 29

Discover Phase:  Brainstorm, Rose/Bud/Thorn.
Post to Blog.
Due.  Wednesday, April 29. 

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