Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Humanities: Starting Something That Matters

Watch at least three of the following videos featuring Blake Mycoskie as he discusses social entrepreneurship and the idea of starting something that matters.  We'll be affinity mapping this, looking for trends across the videos and determining what his message appears to be.

Want a more detailed and fantastic presentation from Mycoskie?

All of this is leading up to our Humanities final which we will be discussing in class today and for which you will be getting an information handout and rubric next week.


Blog. 3+ Posts.
Req'd Post.  Learning to Love You More Progress.  Show Your Work.
Due. Friday.  May 15.

Complete. Learning to Love You More
Design Slide Deck.
Complete Assignments.
Due. Thursday.  May 21.  Installation in the building.
Bring artifacts of your assignments to share.

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