Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Pop Culture: Pitching Trailers

Today, we hear from two pitch teams.

Each will do its best to convince me that they have the best idea for a film for which we should produce a trailer between now and next Thursday.

I shall raise my eyebrows.

As soon as I pick, we will dive into our DEEP design process.  It will be powerful fierce.


Blog. 3+ Posts.
Curate.  2+ Pins.
Be Certain to Put Links to Your Blog Posts and Curations in the Proper Weeks on the Q4 Blog Tracker.  Also make sure you check the rubric for curation.  
Req'd Blog Post.  Discovery Phase for the Trailer.  Brainstorm.  Sketchnote. Storyboard  Get your ideas up there.   Show your work.
Due. Friday, May 22.

Music Culture Project.
Due. ASAP.

Social Media Project. (To Demo Understanding -- Even Though from Last Quarter)

Due. ASAP.

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