Friday, September 18, 2015

Eng 9: Different Type of Learning & Blooging

Hi folks,

Today you will have time to work on your blog posts and other evidence of learning for the week, making sure you get them all done and looking awesome.  You will also watch part of a documentary.  (Check your email.)

Here are the questions I'd like you to answer after watching the first 30 minutes of this documentary.  (You may choose to hook up someone's laptop to the projector and sound at the front of the room or you may choose to watch it on your own.  I'm good with either one so long as you are watching, thinking and responding in a meaningful way.)

1.  What did you notice happening in the video?

2.  What would you find exciting about doing this sort of learning?

3.  What would you find scary about doing this sort of learning?

4.  To what extent would this sort of learning work for you as a student?

You can send your answers to me and/or you may want to use them as another blog post!

Show the Learning.
Blog. 3+ Posts.
Creative Blog Prompt.  5 Card Flickr & Problem Story.
Create a 5 Card Flickr that tells the story of a problem being solved.
Post your images and write out the story on your blog.
Due. Friday. Sept. 18.

Complete.  Notice/Wish/Wonder Organizer on Caine's Arcade & Caine's Arcade 2
Due. Friday. Sept 18.

Create.  Lists.  Three Lists on Problems/Passions/Joy.
Post on Your Blog
Due.  Friday. Sept. 18.

Study.  Roots Quiz 1.
Due. Thursday, Sept 24.

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