Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Pop Culture 3B: Soundtracking of Our Lives & Music Culture Project

Soundtracking of Our Lives.

Monday in Pop Culture we dove further into our music unit using a Who Am I (At This Moment) tool.  We then tried to connect the dots between the items on the Who Am I to music and musical experiences.

My example:  Based on the family box, I remember my mother and I driving to our family camp, her telling me stories of my grandparents and my great grandparents while Starship's "We Built This City" played on the radio, KISS 94 FM out of Ellsworth to be precise.  (I got the cassette tape from a music club that summer as well. )

Your creative blog challenge for the week is as follows:  How might we create a soundtrack of our lives? Your constraints are as follow:
* Must be at least three songs in length
* At least three songs must include rationales of why each song was chosen
* You must use a digital tool to create and then post the actual soundtrack on your blog

Then you had time to work on your soundtrack.

On Wednesday, we will talk about the first project, due in two weeks on Wednesday, Oct 7.

And I will circulate, make sure everyone knows how to publish blog posts and then submit them to our blog tracker.   I will also make sure everyone has access to our Pinterest board.

Show Your Learning.
Blog. 3+ Posts
Required Creative Challenge.  Soundtrack Your Life.  See the criteria above.
Due. Friday, 9.25.15

Curate.  1 item for Pinterest Board.
Due. Friday, 9.25.15

Design.  Music Culture Project.
How might we demonstrate our understanding of music culture?
Due. Wednesday, 10.7.15

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