Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Eng 9. Kickstart Your Creativity.

Blog.  3+ Posts.
Critical Creativity Challenge Post. Kick Start Your Creativity.
Take a look at these examples of creative Kickstarters

Now it is your turn.  Invent a product you would pitch on Kickstarter.  What does it do?  What problem does it solve?  How much money will you be hoping to raise?  How will you spend it?  What will your stretch goals be?  Enhance your blog post by including drawings or photos, a logo, maybe even a pitch video.

Study.  Roots Quiz 3.  (Includes lists 1-3)
Optional Demonstration of  Understanding.  Roots Product 3.
Next wednesday

Write.  Cardboard Challenge One-Page Reflection.
Due. Thursday, Oct. 22. 

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