Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Humanities 2BG: Completing the Cardboard Challenge and This Week's Creative Blog Post

We're going to complete the Cardboard Challenge this week with an exhibition of our work and a reflective piece of writing.

We also have Roots Quiz 2 on Thursday  Several folks seemed to have trouble submitting Roots Quiz 1, so those folks will need to take a retake of that one as well.

But first, Wednesday, we will put up our Cardboard Challenges.

Thursday you have a day to start your one-page reflection essay on the Cardboard Challenge.  It is due on Friday.

You have three options to choose from for your essay.

Option A. Product/Process/Outcome.  
  • Describe what you made using specific, meaningful details.
  • Describe how you made it by sharing specific step by step directions in what it took to make it.
  • Describe how you feel about the final results by discussing what you like about your final product and what you might do differently next time or on a different iteration.

Option B.  Yourself/Others/Creativity.
  • Discuss what you learned about yourself from completing the cardboard challenge, including things you didn't realize about your abilities and talents, struggles and strengths.  
  • Discuss what you learned about others as a result of completing the cardboard challenge, including the experience of interviewing others and their needs or perhaps what it is like to work with a partner.
  • Discuss what you've learned about the creative process and what it is like to make something for others and to make it using only a particular set of resources.

Option C.  Three Things You've Learned About Creativity
  • Discuss three things you've learned about creativity from completing the cardboard challenge.
For this essay, I want you to keep it within a one-page limit, 11 or 12 point font, single spaced.  (Don't play around with the fonts to make it seem like you wrote more than you did.  That's not the point.  Also: super annoying.)  The point is to use specific details to get your ideas across to your reader in a short amount of space.  

Here's what I'll be assessing (grading):

Your Details (writing) How well did you use specifics to show exactly what you mean?
Your Organization (writing) How well did you use paragraphs to organize your thoughts and ideas?
Your Voice (writing) How well does your personality come through in your writing?
Your MUGS (MUGS - mechanics, usage, grammar, spelling) 
Your Timeliness (Due Friday, Oct 16 )
Blog.  3+ Posts.
Critical Creativity Challenge Post. Kick Start Your Creativity.
Take a look at these examples of creative Kickstarters

Now it is your turn.  Invent a product you would pitch on Kickstarter.  What does it do?  What problem does it solve?  How much money will you be hoping to raise?  How will you spend it?  What will your stretch goals be?  Enhance your blog post by including drawings or photos, a logo, maybe even a pitch video.

Study.  Roots Quiz 2.  (Includes lists 1-2)
Optional Demonstration of  Understanding.  Roots Product 2.

Write.  Cardboard Challenge One-Page Reflection.
Due. Friday, Oct. 16.  

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