Monday, November 16, 2015

AP Lit: Design Challenge: Making the Ladies of The Hours

Today we ran a design challenge flashlab: How might we demonstrate our understanding of the protagonists in The Hours through physical representations?

I blogged about the day's events on my Medium blog so the Blue Day crew can see what's coming their way.

Show Your Thinking
Blog. Due Friday 11.20.15
Critical Creativity Challenge:  Score the Lit.   Choose any of our most recent readings and create an original score using either live instrumentation, Garage Band, Wolfram Tones, Beat Lab, or another online/digital music generator/creator.

Read.  The Hours.  Up to Page 80.
Identify a Key Paragraph for Each Protagonist.  
Ask yourself, "If Cunningham had only one paragraph per section, which would it be?"

Submission Draft.  Frankliners.
Due.  Wednesday/Thursday.  November 18 & 19.  

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