Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Eng 9: Tiny House & Big Dreams Design Challenge: Discovery and Literary 3x3s

Day before Turkey Break and we are going to do a ton of stuff!

1.  Roots 1-5 Quiz.  We'll tackle that right away.

2.  Literary 3x3: Of Mice & Men.

We haven't done these in Eng 9 yet this year.  Here's how it works.

Take the book and break it down into three, three-word sentences.

For example, if I were to write:

Tornado transports girl
Adventures reveal strengths
Discovers home persists

What movie would I have created?

How about . . .

Boy inhabits closet
School reveals fate
Friendship conquers magic

Now it is your turn. Write a Literary 3x3 of Of Mice and Men.

Do not repeat any words. Try to use only powerful words. Try to get an action word in each line.

Once we have our Literary 3x3s written, we'll transfer them over to index cards for the next round of thinking.  There will be a lot of shuffling and moving around and experimenting.  We'll take lots of pics for our blogs.

All of this is helping us to tune our brains around what really matters in our tiny house design, because then . . .

3. Tiny House, Big Dreams.  Discovery Phase continues.   First, we'll name our teams and determine team leaders.

We'll dig out your work you did for today and make visual maps of your information using Post-It notes.  We want to figure out if we are identifying the needs of our users and finding all of the information we need.   Then we need to identify the cracks -- what information are we missing? what do we really need in order to meet the needs?  How are we going to find that out?

We'll use whatever time we have left to keep gathering information we need and also looking at the fantastic prototype that Jeremy already made!

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