Monday, November 30, 2015

Humanities: Maps and Geeks and Speak and DEEPdt

We've got piles of doings happening today . . . 

We're going to start with DreamTime in the shape of a map of Mt. Blue Campus.  Brackett will be taking us through an experience to map out where the cliques and clans of MBC gather.   We'll be adding more information to this map as we work through more of Speak this week.

Then we'll run through a new discussion format for us: chalk talk.  We'll be reviewing the work we've done this year that relates to the four phases of the DEEP design thinking process.  

And then . . . back to Freaks and Geeks to finish the pilot episode.  

To connect the dots between Freaks and Speak and Mt. Blue Campus, you'll be completing a comparison matrix that is currently posted on Google Classroom.  This is due on Wednesday and would make excellent evidence for your Reading standard on the blog -- if you complete it well and choose to include it there.  

Tuesday, stations galore.  


1+ Posts.
Due. Friday. 12.4.2015
Critical Creativity Challenge:  An Art Gallery for Speak.
Visit, Portland Museum of Art, or another online art gallery from a gallery that exists in the brick and mortar world (a place people could physically visit) and select three or more pieces of art that you would include in a gallery to represent the ideas in Speak.

Speak.  95 to 107.
Due. Tuesday.  12.1.2015

Comparison Matrix.
Due. Wednesday. 12.2.2015

Be Thinking.
HMW we Design a Sanctuary for Others? 
Due. TBA.  Before Holiday Break for Certain.

Capture Our Culture.  Photo Essay.
Past Due.

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