Thursday, December 17, 2015

All Classes: New Codes in PowerSchool: NES and IES

Hi folks,

I've made a little video to help explain two new codes in our PowerSchool gradebook that you will only encounter in my classes: IES (Insufficient Evidence Submitted) and NES (No Evidence Submitted by Choice).  Please share this with your folks as it can be a little confusing when you look at PowerSchool and don't know what's up.

In a nutshell, NES means you chose not to submit any evidence for that standard for that assessment -- typically the weekly blog posts.

IES means you have not submitted enough evidence for that standard for me to report out a numerical grade yet.   If we get within three weeks of the end of the quarter and I do not have enough evidence, I will have to change this to NM (Not yet Meets) a.k.a. 50 and it will have a major impact on your grade.

If you see a Missing in the grade book, that's something YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT UP.  Missings become NM when they are not completed.  It's what separates a Missing from NES.

UPDATE: 1.4.15.  Was just informed that the audio on the video doesn't work.  I'll try to make a new version this week.  

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