Wednesday, March 16, 2016

AP Lit: To Be or Not to Be Design Challenge

I've copy and pasted the text from the design challenge brief that was shared with you in your Google Drive. I thought it would be helpful for you to have here as you revise and explore new iterations. Any components of the project or documentation of your process could also serve as excellent content for your blog and standards evidence there.

To Be or Not to Be: Design Challenge

Design Challenge.  How might we create dramatic presentations of “To Be or Not to Be” to demonstrate our analysis and understanding of the play as a whole?

Soliloquy Criteria.

  • Must include original Shakespearean language, though it may be filtered through any sort of creative interpretation you so choose

  • Must take the form of a product that can be watched and experienced, including video, animation, animatic (storyboard w voice over), radio drama/podcast, live performance

  • Must be accompanied by a 1-page well-composed rationale that explains the intentions behind the production

  • Must feel like an excerpt from a larger production and be aligned to those grander intentions

To achieve that final criterion, you must also create the following “story bible”

Story Bible Criteria.

  • One paragraph descriptions for each of the central six characters: Hamlet, Ophelia, Claudius, Polonious, Gertrude, Laertes

  • Detailed description of the setting in which the narrative takes place

  • One paragraph summaries of each Act in your production, with particular attention to the relationship these events have to your staging of Hamlet’s soliloquy; your goal here is alignment

You may include any visuals here that you believe will help convey your concept.

Design Process Criteria.

Document each of the first three stages of the design process with meaningful evidence.  
Discovery.  (Research & Exploration)
Empathy.  (Audience and User Needs; Character Empathy)
Experiment. (Doodles and Storyboards, Maps and Maybes)

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