Monday, May 9, 2016

Eng 9: To Solve a Mockingbird Day One

How might we invent solutions to the problems characters in To Kill a Mockingbird face using Little Bits and our maker cart materials?

Today we started by breaking into three groups and circulating around the room in a modified Chalk Talk.  Everyone had a marker and added to the chart paper asking what sorts of problems the characters from To Kill a Mockingbird are facing.   We considered Tom Robinson, Atticus, Jem, Scout and Boo.

Then we chose design teams.  People can work by themselves, with a partner or with two partners for this design challenge.  

Once teams were chosen, we selected the characters for whom we want to invent problem solving solutions.

We used a new tool called the Innovator's Compass to help us wrangle with our challenge.  It was created by a rad designer and educator, Ela Ben-Ur, and you can hear her explain it in this video.

We used it on the makerboard to create an example for Scout, since no one in class chose to design for her.

Here's the results of that work.

After completing Innovator's Compass' for each of our characters in our design teams, we ran the design sprint 8 Box protocol.  That's where you try to come up with 8 ideas in just four minutes.

I didn't take many pictures at this point because I was trying to help folks out.  But here's some rough video I captured.

Tonight's homework follows and it should help you set up for some great experimenting and producing on Wednesday and Friday.  


8 Box.  Put 4 minutes on the clock.   
Come up with 8 ideas for invention possibilities that could solve your character's problem.  
Time yourself and take a video using your laptop camera or any other device.  Submit your video to me on Google Drive in your Eng 9 IN folder.
Take a picture of your 8 Box.  Submit that to your folder as well.
Due. Wednesday 5.11.16

Empathy Map.
Use the Empathy Map template to map out what your character is saying and doing and how that relates to what they are thinking and feeling.  We've done this all year going back to Of Mice & Men.  Same idea.  New character.  New challenge.
Submit your map to your IN Folder.
Due. Wednesday 5.11.16

Innovator's Compass.
Please take pics of your compass and put them in your IN folder.
Due. Wednesday 5.11.16

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