Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Eng 9: To Solve a Mockingbird Single Point Rubric

To Kill a Mockingbird: To Solve a Mockingbird Design Challenge  Single Point Rubric
Evidence to Demonstrate the Standards:
  1. Empathy Map
  2. 8-Box Brainstorm (w 3-Panel Storyboard)
  3. Invention (Picture Documentation)
  4. Character POV Story (1-Page from Character’s POV, Using Your Invention)
All evidence must be placed in your Eng 9 IN folder on Google Drive
Evidence of Exceeding the Standard (clever, insightful, unique, powerful, creative, meaningful, professional)
What Meeting the Standard Looks Like
Evidence of Needs for Improvement (gaps, missing pieces or evidence, incomplete thoughts)
Story Understanding (MEDIA)

Between your story, empathy map, and invention, you demonstrate you have a solid understanding of the story of To Kill a Mockingbird.  I like how the details in your story include details from TKAM.   

Understanding of Point of View (READING)

You successfully take on the point of view from a character in the movie and demonstrate how that character’s perspective provides information and insight that differs from the information provided by the film’s actual narrator, Scout.


It is clear that you have thought about the kinds of things that this character might do, say, or see based on how they act in other scenes of the movie, recognizing that he or she thinks and feels differently than other characters might.


The final product is turned in within 24 hours of the agreed upon due date.

This has been shared in your Google Drive and there's a link to it right here as well.

Complete.  To Solve a Mockingbird 
Due Today. 5.17.16

Revise.  TKAM Deleted Scene.
Due. ASAP.

Roots 13.  Quiz Next Wednesday!

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