Thursday, September 8, 2016

Eng 9 2B: Room Re-Design, Patterns & LEGO My Life

We started our day by looking at the current state of affairs in the room redesign and giving some feedback using the Rose/Bud/Thorn process.

Here's a little video that explains Rose/Bud/Thorn from my friend, Dr. Lisa Abel-Palmieri, who introduced me to this bit of radness.

We circulated around the room and made observations of features and concerns that we could not see from our seats.  We noted and doodle them, shared within our groups, and then identified a key rose, bud and thorn from each group that was worth sharing.  We seem to be liking the seating arrangements (rose), we have high hopes for the design corner (bud), and we still see a lot of work to be done in terms of organizing the room -- especially the maker carts and the boxes above the closet (thorn).

Then we played an improv game called patterns.  It is intended to get folks used to keeping track of information and learning the names of everyone in the room at the same time.  IMPORTANT GOAL.  Everyone knows everyone's names by the end of Fair Week.

We struggled a bit and emerged victorious in our question to complete both patterns at once.  

We'll be doing some more work next week on being okay with screw ups and foul ups and mistakes.
From there busted out the LEGO and faced this rapid fire design challenge: How might we show something meaningful to us in LEGO?  

Folks interpreted this question literally and figuratively, which was the whole point.  For me to see what aspects of your life matter to you, while also getting a sense of how you think and express your ideas.

We finished off this work with a brief writing prompt where you needed to explain your LEGO creation, focusing on the why this is so important to you.  This is an opportunity for me to get a sense of your writing skills while also learning something about you at the same time.

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