Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Eng 9 4G: Classroom Re-Design Challenge Continues

Last week we dove into our first design challenge with the classroom re-design challenge: How might we design the room to meet the needs of all of the students using it this semester?

We did some discovery work through observations, note taking, photo documentation, and what we call affinity sorting -- putting characteristics on post-it notes and then arranging and organizing them in a way that makes sense.  

We jumped into the empathy phase of the challenge by taking note of our own needs and then sitting with partners to share our needs.  We each identified three key needs, put them on post-it notes and then sorted those as well into like ideas.  We looked for outliers -- ideas that no one else put down, but that seemed really important or interesting.

Today we got to see all six classes' needs stacked together and found some key ideas carrying over: organization, comfortable seating, color/decoration, a place to work/create.

We found that the AP Lit class had started moving the room into zones/sections/spaces.  We seemed pretty happy as a class with the layout so we focused on organizing.  

Next class, it will be a very short class because of the campus celebration.  Please be right on time because we'll want to take advantage of every moment.  

Design Kits.  Bring them in ASAP.
We have a home for them now!
And a use for them!

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