Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Eng 9 4B Imagery

First we are going to get into groups of two (or groups of 3) and sit across from each other so you cannot see each other's screens. Pick one of the photos in the albumin the link below and spend 3 minutes describing it in a google doc.

Now I want you guys to play with thinglink, you can log in with your school email and say that you are a student. Upload a photo or use one of the ones they give you and do a few things:
1. Write a text tag
2. Add a link in a tag.
3. Put a photo into a tag.
4. See what else you can do.
When you finish yours share it with somebody else in the room (you do not have to share it virtually, just bring your laptop to them). Here is an example of what I made of my cat:

Imagery means to use figurative language to represent objects, actions, and ideas in such a way that it appeals to our physical senses. This website can give you more information on imagery, and every other literary device you could ever need.

This is a bad example of imagery: We went fishing and we caught two bass and took care of them. We came back to swim and the lake looked the same as it always does.

And this is an excerpt from an essay by E.B. White called, Once More to the Lake. When you listen to this write down different things that he says on the senses graphic organizer that correlate to each sense.

"We caught two bass, hauling them in briskly as though they were mackerel, pulling them over the side of the boat in a businesslike manner without any landing net, and stunning them with a blow on the back of the head. When we got back for a swim before lunch, the lake was exactly where we had left it, the same number of inches from the dock, and there was only the merest suggestion of a breeze.... In the shallows, the dark, water-soaked sticks and twigs, smooth and old, were undulating in clusters on the bottom against the clean ribbed sand, and the track of the mussel was plain. A school of minnows swam by, each minnow with its small, individual shadow, doubling the attendance, so clear and sharp in the sunlight."

Here is also an audio version of the essay, this passage happens from 5:51 to 6:50 in this video.

Now that you have heard a good example and a bad example of imagery take this and we will be doing the IMAGERY CHALLENGE! What you need to do is use really specific imagery and details to make your description of the picture you chose at the beginning of the class period really good; spend a solid 5 minutes on this at least. Once you finish you need to show your description to your partner and they will try to guess which picture you chose. If your partner doesn't guess correctly you need to improve the imagery in your description until they guess correctly.

Now that you have had practice using imagery which of your pieces of writing can you improve? How can you make sure that you include these skills when you write in the future?

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