Friday, December 9, 2016

AP Lit: Epic.

This week we dove into epics . . . and talked about all sorts of other stuff too including school climate, the WWE, dress codes and more.

I'm gonna leave this right here for you . . .

Tuesday's class was a great day of unexpected conversation about school climate and culture, making change happen, empathy between teacher and student, and seemed to not have much to do with AP Lit except for the fact that it most certainly did.  How might we use that conversation to inform our design challenge regarding poetry as a vehicle for solving problems on our campus?

Thursday we worked with the 1st Canto of The Inferno and all too briefly with the 1st book of Paradise Lost.  We will be returning to these texts regularly throughout the year because so much of what we read references these two works.  In other words, we ain't done wid 'em yet.

Here are some pics of our Literary 3x3 work.  We started with laying out our 3x3s for Inferno and then remixing and mashing them up into a united single 3x3 based on the collective ideas and language present.

From there I asked you to write two thesis statements based on that work -- one analytical in nature, one synthesis in nature.  We didn't get a chance to workshop those as a class so we will revisit them on Monday.  

Then we shared our 3x3s of Paradise Lost Book 1.

This week I didn't get this blog updated on time, so if you need the weekend to get your blog posts up, that's okay.  (I did tell you on Tuesday what the assignments were in class ANNNNNNND it's okay if you don't have it done until Monday.)


WRITE.  1st Submission Draft.  Synthesis Essay #2.
DUE. Monday 12.12.16

CREATIVE BLOG POST.  Write the 1st 20 lines of a Mock Epic. Use the language and form and qualities of epic poetry to start an epic about one of the most mundane tasks in your life.

READ. How to Read Lit Like a Prof.  "One Story."
ANALYTICAL & DESIGN BLOG POST.   Unpack the "One Story" chapter in Foster by asking what are the implications for this idea of "One Story" on our poetry as school solution design challenge.
DUE. Monday 12.12.16

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