Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Eng 9: Mahershala Ali, Songs of Myself & Stations

Eng 9: Mahershala Ali, Songs of Myself & Stations

Today we'll start a new routine for us: a video, reading, or listening about a current event or issue and a comprehension/critical creativity exercise to explore that understanding.

We're going to review sketchnotes quickly and then take ten minutes to sketchnote this video from the actor, Mahershala Ali, who won a Screen Actors Guild award yesterday for his performance in the film, Moonlight.

How might we capture the essence of what Ali is saying via a combination of word and image?  Take pics of your sketchnotes.  You'll be putting them up on your class blogs during our station work.  We'll have a ten minute or so discussion of his ideas.  


THREE Key Stations Today.

1.  Three Songs of Myself.  You'll have twenty minutes to complete this work described in this FlipGrid.  

2.  Blog Set Up.  I'll sit with this group and make sure everyone has their class blog set up and has figured out how to post content to their class blog.  I'll also help folks get links to their blogs going on the blog tracker.  The what?  Yup.  During that station.

3.  Roots 9.   The other stations are pretty intense.  This one will be a bit more mellow.  Roots 9 will simply be digging into the Roots 9 terms on Quizlet (check the links in the sidebar here) and then making sure you're also reviewing Roots 6-9 for the Quiz NEXT WEEK.


Blog. Finish the Songs of Myself work and get it posted on your blog; include your Potent Quotable of a lyric that relates to you.

Blog.  Sketchnotes of Mahershala Ali speech.

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