Thursday, September 5, 2013

AP Lit: Designing, Sharing, Norming, Discussing, Connecting

Discussion & Analysis
Today we talk about the introduction Foster's How to Read Literature Like a Professor.   We'll share our insights & understandings and how Gibson's ideas connect to our past experiences.

We will also post our design models of the classroom and plot our thinking on what changes should be made and how we can get those changes to happen.
We will take time to discuss our norms as a class, the habits of culture in the room that each of us really need to be successful.  For example, I need a space where it's okay to be raggedy -- to express half-ideas, not quite formed thoughts, almost there notions, and to then be able to say, "You know what? I wasn't quite on with that."    

What are your particular needs?
Producing & Sharing
But we'll start the day with another round of sharing our summer projects.  Four more folks will share their thinking, ideas, and products.  


Read: Ender's Game (1-100)
Prepare to Discuss: To what extent does EG qualify as "Literature?" 

Read: "Thinking About Literature" packet
Complete: One of the activities based on the poetry & short stories embedded in the packet.  This is another benchmarking piece for me.  I'm looking to see what you choose, the quality of the work you produce.

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