Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Humanities: Designing, Artifacting & Naming

We are going to continue shaping our room into a premiere thinking and learning space today.

We'll start with another round of Thirty Circles to get the brains flowing. 

From there, we will draw maps and construct Lego models of our new space.  These maps will go up on the wall and will help determine the best ideas for our space.

Cultural Anthropology

This leads us to the MakeSpace where we will be working with cultural artifacts and practicing our cultural anthropology skills.  Four tables will feature a number of artifacts.  Using your observation, inference and deduction skills to make hypothesis about who you believe owns each of those artifacts, Mr. Ryder or Mr. Dunbar. 

Due Thursday 9/5
Gather artifacts that represent you based on these criteria.

a. One artifact should be about you as a student. 

b. One artifact should be about you socially (family/friends)

c. One artifact should be about your personal interests/hobbies.

d. The last artifact is completely up to you.  

On the sheet provided, write a few sentences about what each artifact says about 

you.  Put all of the artifacts in the brown paper bag given you along with the rationales.  

Put your name ONLY ON THE SHEET.  

Identity Cultural Anthropology Experience:  We will place the artifacts that each of you have brought in 

paper bags. Your job/and my job will be to get one bag, put the items on your desk, take a 

look at them, and then circulate around the room.  Make your best guess as to who belongs 

to each set of artifacts and why you think that.

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