Wednesday, September 4, 2013

PACE: Designing, Interviewing, Mapping, Prototyping

Wednesday's class is going to make some tremendous headway for our classroom design.
We will start with Thirty Circles again to warm up the brains.

Then we will interview one another using the Four Compass Points protocol, a way of asking key questions about a problem you are trying to solve and finding out what your partner thinks about that problem.

From there, you can choose the design work that most appeals to you:

Organizing & coding the input from the various sources

Drawing/constructing models of the classroom based on the data available

Prototyping and physically experimenting with configurations in the classroom

The above will take about 45 to 50 minutes.
What Is PACE?
The rest of class will be a discussion of what PACE is, what it means, what is going to happen this year, and what each of us needs for this to be successful.  This will mean "norms" work a.k.a. "how we roll" work.

We will be working a great deal with symbolism, metaphor and analogy this year.
Bring three objects with you to class:
One represents yourself as a learner
One represents what you are thinking about PACE right now
One represents what you hope to gain from PACE
Be prepared to discuss, defend, praise your choices.

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