Tuesday, September 10, 2013

PACE: Freedom, Autonomy, Accountability, Independence & Education

Today's plan ended up changing a bit because of a fire drill.  Glad we are all safe and sound, though.

We started by watching this video on visual thinking.

We used these skills to visualize our thinking about

  • Independence
  • Autonomy
  • Freedom
  • Accountability

From there we watched Sir Ken Robinson's thoughts on education via RSA Animate.

And the big essential question we left thinking about?

How might we experience independence, autonomy, freedom and accountability . . . 
in schools?
at Mt. Blue Campus?
in PACE?

Next class we dive into our first unit and unlike traditional classes, I'll be showing you how I planned it, how I developed the essential questions guiding it (and what essential questions are), and you'll be getting your first book to read: Hunger Games or Adventures of Ulysses.  Your choice.  (WHAT?!? Choice?! Yes.)

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