Wednesday, September 11, 2013

AP Lit: Rubrics & Wheelbarrows

Mr Ryder is out for period 2 on Wednesday while I make an effort to improve everyone's lives around Mt. Blue RSD.  (That is actually what Mr. Dunbar and I are doing at this meeting.)

Here is the plan for the day written out as a lesson plan.  It is also in e-mail.

1. 20 min. Copy “The Red Wheelbarrow” up on one of the marker boards (okay to erase one)
Annotate as a class; what do you notice? what questions does it raise? What about the structure seems important? Why this particular language?  Key words?  Images?   

Take a picture of your class annotations and send it to me.  I’ll be looking for it around 9:40 or so.

Only 20 minutes to do this!  Keep careful eye on the time.  

2. 10 min. Take the survey I’ve sent you in your e-mail regarding essay writing. (Also here:  If you’ve already taken it, relax and enjoy the mountain air.  I’ll be seeing how many are completed around 9:50 or so.

3. 30 min. Using the blank rubric in Google Docs that I’ve shared with you, work in groups to craft language you feel should be on our essay writing rubric.  Make a copy of the blank I have there and then share the copy amongst your group members and me - make sure you make me an owner of your copy too.  Lets me work with it more.

Consider your own strengths/weaknesses and what you know good writing to look like. I’ll be using this input to inform my rubric design for your 1st essay.  In the DEEP design thinking process, this is both empathy stage  and playing into experiment stage.  You did a little discovery work for homework and I’m going to use it to create a prototype essay rubric that may need refining as we move forward.  See? This is how design thinking works!  (Man, I LOVE it.)

4. Remaining time: look at examples of visual thinking posted on the blog (and those remaining around the room).  Work as a class to do your own viz thinking where you look for connections between Ender’s Game, Great Expectations & Empire Falls.

  • Need Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway in hand for next Monday & Tuesday, Sept 16 & 17.  If you are expecting to get an English dept. copy, you need to ask ahead of time as per last week’s e-mail
  • Always check the major due dates form at

Read: Finish Ender’s Game for Tuesday, 9/17

Read: “Anything Can Happen” by Seamus Heaney; annotate for Friday

Finish: Rubric Draft for Friday

Turn In: What makes a good essay & strengths & weaknesses; any other work for me (signatures, activities, annotations)

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