Friday, September 20, 2013

PACE: I Am Hero Rubric, Proposal Forms, Blogs & Heroic Cycle . . . Wow. That's a lot.

We'll start class by setting up our blogs.  This will only take about 15 minutes fortunately because it is a pretty quick process.  We start blogging next week as a formal assessment. (3+ entries per week, M - F, including the creative prompt I provide you each week.)

From there, I will share with you the rubric for "I Am Hero" and some examples of projects other students have done in the past.

The rubric is right here.  (And I posted it on its own entry as well.)

We won't take a ton of time to introduce the project.  While it is a big project, you will need a little more background to really get started and do it proper justice.

We'll get that background with an online thinking activity with Padlet.


And then finally . . . two more things.  I'm telling you.  Today is a LOT.  

Week #1 Graphic Organizer.  We'll hold off on summary/paraphrase for now.  That section is optional. HOWEVER, eventually you'll be doing it so why not try researching it on your own?   What's the difference between summarizing and paraphrasing?  Perhaps there's a video out there that can help.   Or a website at least.  

Instead, you'll get into your reading groups and complete the bottom part of the I Am Hero Graphic Organizer due TODAY.  The results of your work will be linked on your blogs and and included in your organizer.  Those pieces are the creative thinking portion of the graphic organizers and worth the time they take.
While you are completing THAT work, there will be some papers circling to help us continue our work on room climate.  It will all make sense once we are doing it.


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Start Designing: I Am Hero project

Complete - if you haven't: I Am Hero Graphic Organizer #1

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