Tuesday, October 29, 2013

AP Lit 2B/3B: Questions & Prufrock

We'll start class with an affinity mapping exercise to prime our brains for a graded class discussion Tuesday. (Yes, this day.)  It will take about twenty minutes.

It will involve sorting our Lot Jot questions and trying to find common qualities amongst the questions we ask.  

Our goal: to determine the qualities that make up effective, meaningful questions.  Thus, we'll start by sorting our questions into categories and threads that make sense to us.  And then we'll describe them. 

And THEN... the discussion.  Look to the right.  There's our discussion rubric.  We'll be following that grading criteria.  Prepare your quotes!


Blog: 3+ Posts
Req'd: Post 3 images/symbols that represent the 1st quarter for you; after posting the images, write a single paragraph of explanation
Due: Friday, Nov. 1

Read & Annotate: Excerpts from The Flamethrowers and Bleeding Edge

Due: Thursday, Oct 31
Read & Complete: Award Winning/Finalist Book Project
Due: Wednesday, Nov. 6
Prepare for Gallery Walk & Optional Choice to Present

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