Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Humanities: Ryder & Dunbar Are Out & Thinking Continues

Even though Ryder & Dunbar are taking care of sick, gross, phlegm-ridden children, the work! The work it must go on!

Here's what you have to do today:

  • Finish the Three 4 Thinking you started yesterday.  It is in your Google Drive.  Think to the article is on yesterday's blog post.  (I could link it again here AND I want you to get practice hunting that info down.)  When you finish it, upload that doc to your Google Drive.  (We have a Google Drive version available in the Humanities OUT folder now as well.  Just make sure you go to "File" and "Make a Copy" in Drive. That's the only way you can get an editable version.)

  • Find Roots 4 in the Vocab & Roots resources in the right hand sidebar of the blog.  Find the link to Quizlet and take 10 minutes to familiarize yourself and practice.  Take screen shots of your work on Quizlet -- scores, results, etc.  Post them on your blog. We'll do an improv activity on Thursday to get more familiar with these roots.   

  • Make sure your blog is up to date.  Complete the required blog post for this week.

  • Any make up/missing work/revisions, get it in.  Grades close Friday.
Wrap your day by completing this form.


Blog: 3+ Posts
Req'd: Post 3 images/symbols that represent the 1st quarter for you; after posting the images, write a single paragraph of explanation
Due: Friday, Nov. 1

Complete/Revise (If You Choose): Cardboard Challenge IGNITE & Essay
Due: Friday, Nov. 1 (Grades closing!)

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