Sunday, October 27, 2013

PACE: Creating Solutions to the Work Problem

Thursday was the awesome.

While I can't remember the order in which we did all of the following, we did this.  All of it.

We took out the Contingency Diagram "People Not Getting Their Work Done" data from the other day.

Per Em's great suggestion, we plotted possible solutions on a 2X2 plot.
X axis = Now/Later
Y axis = Easy/Challenging

This work led to us establishing some "NOW" solutions.

PACE students can now establish their own due dates using the PACE 2013 Due Dates spreadsheet located in the PACE 2013 OUT folder.  I'll choose a Teacher PACE due date.  If that one works for you, leave the due date blank.  If it doesn't, write the due date to which you will be holding yourself accountable.

It looks like this.  If you turn it in on time: GREEN!  If you miss your due date.  Yellowwww.  Sad.

You will be held accountable to our timeliness rubric.

We also came up with Ohana Support Teams.  We made a bunch of decisions by consensus around this.  Those teams will be established on Monday.

We took an interest survey, the results of which we will look at on Monday as well so we can see how that information might inform our work.

Overall, our best class to date -- by Mr. Ryder's estimation.


3+ Posts
Req Post: Discuss today's work, the problems you see us needing to address, and your thoughts on possible solutions.
Due: Friday, October 25

Complete:  I Am Hero Work (Project & Organizers)
Place in Google Drive IN folder

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