Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Humanities: LoNGview & No Red Ink & Getting Our House In Order

Today we'll start with a LoNGview by going to our class Symbaloo.  Find an article of interest from any of the resources available.

Then we'll have our first No Red Ink experience.  The class code you need is in your email. It will astound.

From there, we'll talk about where we are headed next with our work and the importance of getting your work in if you have not already.  Grades close next Friday, Nov. 1st.

Make sure you look at the required blog post for the week and prepare for the vocab quiz tomorrow.


Submit: Cardboard Challenge: IGNITE Research Presentation (12 slides, 2 minutes)
Place in your Humanities IN Folder on Google Drive
Due: Last Week

Write: Cardboard Challenge: 5 Paragraph Essay Reflection on Product, Process, Outcome
Place in your Humanities IN folder 
Due: Last Week

3+ Posts
Required Post: What would class be like if it was more student-centered?  What would it be like if it was more teacher-centered?
Due: Friday, 10/25

Learn: Roots 3
Word Map & Quiz (Roots 1 - 3)
Due: Thursday, 10/24

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