Tuesday, November 26, 2013

AP Lit: Hamlet & More . . . ?

Today we start with a couple of key questions that will determine our next steps in the day.

Before lunch, though, Hamlet, Prince of Denmark.  We will read aloud and dissect and analyze and consider.  It shall be glorious.

Post the time of the lunch eating, well, we shall see.  We shall be spending some time in the inspiration corner, ideating and brainstorming.  That's for certain.  The rest of the time is largely dependent upon the answers to questions that yet to be asked as I write these lines.

Blog: NONE!  Take the week to catch up on past entries or just plain chill.  And if you want to blog, I will read it!  Blogs continue to be a source of inspiration for me.  So much good stuff.  If you haven't read through your classmates' thoughts yet, do so post haste!

Synthesis Essay 2: Due Tuesday, November 26th.  Google Drive that sucker.

Hamlet:  We will pause until we have read in class up to where we have read outside of class.  We will be calibrated when we are back from Turkey Day.

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