Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Humanities: Work, Work, Work

Monday and Tuesday prior to Thanksgiving break are all about the work.  We've put a lot on the plate -- though in bite sized chunks -- and here are two class periods to accomplish goals.

Tuesday we introduced Roots 6.  This is a big deal because it is a reset. You need only know these ten roots for the next quiz.  That quiz will happen on Thursday, December 5.

Today we will do a couple of activities designed to help you come up with alternative ways of demonstrating understanding of roots other than word maps.

And here's pics of them!


Closing Argument: Due Friday, December 6
Photo Essay/Story Corps: Due Tuesday, December 10
Blogs: Get caught up!  Should be 12 posts as of Nov 22; be sure to make connections to others and to do the req'd posts for each week.

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