Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Humanities: What We Did on Monday & Tuesday

On Monday we broke down our goals for the poverty unit and the ways Mr. Ryder & Mr. Dunbar think we should tackle it.  Here are some pics of our thinking and plans.  Note that the second pic features the changes made after we listed everything.

Mr. Dunbar explains what happened in class on Tuesday:

The first thing we did in class today was make a list of all of the characters from OMaM on the board. This was easy and quick and numerous people offered up names.

Once the names were listed we assigned a quick (20 minute) vocab activity. The students chose one of the characters from the list. Once they chose a character, their task was to write about that character's background. Basically, where did they come from and how did they come to be at that ranch at that time. In order to complete this, they needed to include five root-based words from list 4 and five root-based words from lists 1-3 for a total of ten root-based words. A few students shared out some pretty creative and relatively far-fetched stories.

Next, we had two volunteers looking for critical feedback on the Three 4 Thinkings due today. We talked as a class about enhancing these by including the "so what?" portion. Why is what you wrote important? Why did you select that? -- Your next Three4Thinking on the next chunk of reading is due on Friday 11/8.

Finally, we explored one of our essential questions for the unit by watching and discussing THIS video:

Class ended with Mr. Ryder starting on the next chunk of reading ending on page 52.  


3+ Posts
Req'd Post:
Find a song that would belong on a soundtrack for Of Mice & Men.  Post the song/embed the video and write a paragraph explaining your thinking.

Be Thinking:
Are you thinking about doing a photo essay, story corps?  Do you want to take on the design challenge of making the recording booth? What would your angle be in tackling these questions and ideas? What questions do you have?  

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